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Terms and Conditions – please read

Terms and Conditions – please read


1 Definitions

1.1 These terms apply to (service and product provider) (the “vendor”), located at 33 Usher Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham. DH6 1JG

1.2 These terms cover the supply of all our products and services (the “goods”) from the vendor.

1.3 The contract is subject to your right of cancellation prior to work commencing.

1.4 Any contract between you and the vendor is subject to these terms and conditions.


2 Collection and Return

2.1 Any distances from up to 10 miles will be charged a fee of £10, additional distance will be charged at the standard rate of £1.50 per mile from the vendor address, however this may be subject to reasonable adjustment without prior notice.

2.2 Collection and Return times will be allocated a time slot and, although all reasonable attempts will be made to ensure this is adhered to, there may be factors outside the control of the vendor that causes this time slot to be extended or rearranged.

2.3 Late cancellation (within 4 hours) of the allocated time slot on either collection or return may be subject to a rearrangement fee of £10.


3 Price

3.1 The vendor reserves the right to vary the quoted price of the goods either upwards or downwards in line with fluctuations in the market price.

3.2 Every effort is made to ensure that prices shown on the vendor’s website are accurate at the time you place your order. If an error is found, the vendor will inform you as soon as possible and offer you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price, or cancelling your order. Unconfirmed orders will be cancelled after 14 days.

3.3 You may be required to pay a delivery charge for the goods.

3.4 Price lists do not constitute a quote or offer.


4 Payment

4.1 Payment is made in Sterling unless otherwise agreed by an authorised representative of

4.2 Overdue or late payment will be charged commercial interest calculated daily at a rate of 3% above the prevailing base rate of HSBC Bank PLC until reaching 90 days at which point the equipment held by the vendor will be sold to cover costs.

4.3 Payment accepted by cash, cheque, bank transfer / draft or postal order.

4.4 All cheque payments under £1000 will be subject to 7 days clearance.

4.5 All cheque payments over £1000 will be subject to 14 days clearance.

4.6 A deposit is required of up to 50% of the repair quote.

4.7 Repaired equipment will not be returned until receipt of cleared funds.


5 Repair

5.1 Repairs require the dismantling of equipment but often the manufacturers design this to be a difficult process requiring some element of force. Although all efforts are made to eliminate superficial damage this may still occur to casings at points of entry.

5.2 Faults can arise from the movement or removal and replacement of other parts of the equipment this will be repaired as part of the process but will be charged at your approval and may cause delay in the completion of the repair.

5.3 Warranty covers the operational effectiveness of your device (for example the calibration of a touchscreen) from the failure of any components supplied and fitted by us only. Any failure of any other components not supplied or fitted by ourselves is not covered by our warranty for example if your screen is replaced on a mobile device and the charger port fails then this repair would not be covered under or warranty.

5.4 While your warranty is effective from date of purchase/repair there are a number of issues that are not covered under the standard warranty –

  1. Accidental damage
    Accidental damage can be described as unintentional physical damage to your product. For example, when you drop your device and crack the screen.
    Even if there is no visible damage on the outside, internal product components could suffer damage because of an accidental drop or impact.
  2. Liquid damage
    Liquid damage is caused by exposing your product to any type of liquids. Water or other liquids can then enter the product and damage the internal components.
  3. Improper handling 
    A product will naturally show signs of wear and tear after being used for some duration of time. Improper handling of a product can speed up the aging process and is not covered by the guarantee. Improper handling often results in physical damage.
  4. Fair wear and tear

5.5 Touch ID home button or the FaceID sensor on a Apple device is removed and transferred over to the new screen during the repair to maintain Touch ID or FaceID functionality of the device however this component is fragile and even though every effort is made to ensure this component is not damaged during the process it is still a possibility that this component may fail to function. In some models the home button itself cannot be replaced to restore any functionality. If this issue arises then only a microsoldering specialist can resolve this at a charge and when agreeing to a repair you are accepting this risk and responsibility of having this issue resolved should it arise.